MEGA Booths VS. The Others!

We Provide Memories Small Booths Can't!

Less Lines, More Fun, Better Pictures!


We started out as DJs and when we started seeing photo booths at events we thought it was a great thing, but we noticed that during the event there were huge lines at the photo booth.  Imagine having 200 guests at your event, but 100 of them are in line waiting to cram into a 2 person photo booth.  Our booth usually doesn't have long lines because we can fit more people in our pictures, less waiting and more time to party!


200 guests would take 50 sessions in a 2 person photo booth.  If each session is 2 minutes, it will take over 6 hours to get pictures of these guests in a 2 person booth.  These same 200 people can break into groups of 5 or 10 in our photo booth and it will only take 1-2 hours to have pictures of the same amount of people. Imagine 10 friends who want to take a picture together in the photo booth.  In their booth, these people have to make choices and take separate pictures and numerous trips to the booth, with our booth they can all take pictures together and we'll print strips for each of them.

Extra Prints on the Spot!!


We offer extra prints right on the spot, meaning if 8 people take a picture, we can print out a copy for all 8 people if they would like the prints.  Some other companies can only print doubles, but we can print many extra copies while guests stay and take more pictures in the booth, since our sessions take about 30 seconds


In and out - Back to the fun!


We notice that our competitors force guest to remain in the booth while their pictures are printing.  The problem with this is that it winds up wasting valuable time during your event when people could be taking pictures.  If the photo session takes 30 seconds, and then your guests are waiting another 30 seconds for their pictures before they exit, you lose HALF of the time that you could be taking pictures. ​In our booth, your guests go in for their photo session and then they exit the booth to receive their pictures from a Mega attendant and allow the next group to begin their photo session.  We save 30 seconds per session, in 4 hours we may have 75-100 more picture sessions than our competition.  That's 300 (75 x4)  more ​pictures per event than our competitors.  Compare our galleries!  Our clients receive many more pictures than the competition.​