DMV MEGA Booths are designed to provide stellar customer service!!!

Customers have many options when picking a photo booth.  We researched tons of photo booths in an attempt to make ours the best experience.




1.   Bigger Booth = Short Lines & Better Pictures

If you've ever been to a big event that feature a 2 or 3 person booth, you've probably seen long lines of guests waiting to get their pictures taken.  These long lines take away from the fun of the evening as guests spend countless minutes waiting to take pictures.  Then the guests have to 'choose' who they are going to take pictures with because only a couple of people can fit inside the booth. The Mega Booth makes lines go faster because more people can fit at one time, we average 5-6 people per picture and you can see everyone clearly in the printouts.  Our lines move 4-5 times faster than our competitors and allow your guests to take many pictures and get back to the party!  They also make for better pictures because entire family's and friend groups can fit inside our booths.



2.   No 'Dead' time waiting inside the booth

DMV MEGA Booths pictures print to the outside of the booth where our professional MEGA attendant personally delivers them to your guests in about 15 seconds after their photo session.  Some other photo booths have your guests wait inside the booth for their pictures.  Every 30 photo sessions have 15 minutes of 'dead time'.  Over the course of a 4 hour event, that's over an hour of your guests sitting inside the booth waiting for their pictures.  That's an hour 'dead' time inside the booth while MEGA guests are busy taking more pictures.  Check our Galleries, our booth averages well over 100 strips and 500 total pictures in our client galleries.  You get more pictures with us!



3.   Top Notch Equipment for long lasting memories

Since we DJ as well, we've seen some interesting companies that 'pose' as photo booths and sometimes the quality isn't up to par.  We've seen point and shoot cameras, ink jet printers, tiny monitors inside the booth, huge contraptions that can't get up stairs and all types of cheap knockoffs trying to capitalize on customers.  All of our MEGA Booths utilize professional DLP HD cameras, HD monitors to preview your pictures, Dye Sublimation professional standard self cutting printers that create pictures that last forever.



4.   4 Pictures per strip vs. 3 pics per strip

Some photo booth companies put 3 pictures on each strip while we do 4 pictures per strip.  It may sound like one little picture but over the course of an evening if your guest have 100 photo sessions, we provide 100 extra pictures that will be on their photo strips and appear in your online gallery.  Most of the time, the photo sessions get better with each picture so we find that the 4th picture is often the best picture.  Don't miss memories by only having  only 3 strips.



5.   Outstanding Customer Service

We pride ourselves on stellar customer experience.  From the first phone call or email you will see that we are friendly and professional to make sure you have a MEGA moment.  Our customers always compliment how quickly we respond to all correspondence and all communication is routed through our mobile devices in order to provide outstanding service at all times.